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Share Your Knowledge and Shape Decision-Making in Delaware-Muncie

The adopted plan can be viewed in the library

Thank you to all who participated in the draft review and finalization process.

The four parts of this plan provide a detailed overview of our region’s priorities, our decision-making framework, our general direction, and the outcomes we seek.

It includes Strategic Investment Plans for the City of Muncie and Delaware County to guide implementation efforts.

How did public engagement shape TogetherDM?

The TogetherDM process gathered vital information from the public in a number of ways during 2021. It did so in a manner that went beyond the creation of community “wish lists” by sharing data, presenting trade-offs, and getting to the root of what the community values and what it is willing to do to achieve its goals.

Online Surveys

Two month-long digital surveys were used to gather broad public feedback.

March 2021

Key Issues and Priorities

Survey completed; click here for a summary and full report

August 2021

Strategy Options

Open Houses

Open house meetings were used to present findings and engage participants in trade-offs and decision-making.

Week of June 14th, 2021

June Open Houses Feedback (includes both in-person and virtual feedback)

October 6th and 7th, 2021

TogetherDM's October Open Houses

October Open House Posters

Kitchen Table Conversations

Small group conversations (virtual or in-person) were arranged by Steering Committee members at points throughout the project to pose questions and test ideas with friends, colleagues, and neighbors.



The first set of conversations were held in March and focused on the ‘Big Things.’

A second set of conversations in May focused on the community's core values.

A third set of conversations in the summer involved three development scenarios with specific "gives" and "gets" for the community to consider.

Learn More!

Read the adopted plan in the library to learn more about the planning process and how it shaped the contents of the plan.

The results of project surveys and other engagement tools are compiled in the TogetherDM Library.