The BIG Things

Delaware-Muncie’s Key Issues and Top Priorities

Why prioritize?

One of the hallmarks of a good plan is that it gets the “big things” right. It identifies a few issues that are so important to a community’s future that they require focused attention and resources to ensure they are handled correctly.

When this doesn’t happen—when communities fail to prioritize—limited resources are spread too thin over too many issues to make a meaningful and lasting difference on anything in particular. When attention and resources are scattered, inaction or half-measures become the norm.

What are Delaware-Muncie's

"Big Things"?

TogetherDM will identify the most important issues in Delaware-Muncie by listening carefully to the community through the voices on the TogetherDM Steering Committee, conversations in the community, and a month-long survey.

As key issues come into focus, data analysis will be used to define those issues in greater detail—to understand why they are important to the community’s future and what progress might look like.

Later in the project, strategies to achieve goals around key issues will be designed—and the community’s ability and willingness to pay for and implement those strategies will be tested.


As key issues are identified and analyzed, this page will be updated to report what is being learned and how it is shaping the development of the Delaware-Muncie Comprehensive Plan and the Muncie Strategic Investment Plan.