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Through the crafting of implementable plans that reflect widely shared values and the community’s top priorities, TogetherDM will provide leaders and organizations throughout Delaware-Muncie with tools for making consistent, well-informed, and strategic decisions with their resources to achieve well-defined outcomes.

During 2021, the TogetherDM process will produce two documents

Delaware-Muncie Comprehensive Plan

At the core of TogetherDM is the development of the new Delaware-Muncie Comprehensive Plan—a long-range planning document that will provide Delaware County and the City of Muncie with the following tools:

  • A decision-making framework based on the community’s core values and planning principles

  • A set of priorities and goals for focused attention by public and private sector partners

  • Guidance on “what goes where” to shape future development and redevelopment in ways that support community goals

  • Implementable strategies that will help the community work towards specific outcomes

The new plan will replace the previous comprehensive plan, which was adopted in 2000.

Muncie Strategic Investment Plan

The TogetherDM planning process will also produce a Muncie Strategic Investment Plan to provide detailed implementation guidance of the Delaware-Muncie Comprehensive Plan within the City of Muncie.

This city-focused document will also serve as the latest iteration of the Muncie Action Plan, a community-based planning process that began in 2009-2010.

What is the process?

TogetherDM’s Three-Phase Process

Three overlapping phases are being used to organize TogetherDM, culminating in the finalization and adoption of plan at the end of 2021.


Analysis and Key Issue Identification

See The Big Things to learn more about this work and priority issues that are being identified.


Vision, Values, Principles, and Priorities

See Speak Up! to learn about opportunities to add your voice to TogetherDM and to see what the community is saying.


Plan Writing and Adoption

See Library for project documents and presentations, as well as draft plans to review during the final project phase.

Who's behind TogetherDM?

TogetherDM is coordinated by the Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission (DMMPC) and its planning consultants—czbLLC and Ingalls Planning & Design.

At the heart of the TogetherDM process is a Steering Committee of Delaware County and Muncie residents who represent a wide range of backgrounds and community sectors. Together, along with feedback solicited from the broader public throughout the process, they will shape the content of the Delaware-Muncie Comprehensive Plan and the Muncie Strategic Investment Plan.

Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission (DMMPC

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